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Vimeo slaps videos with new content rating system

The popular video-sharing site Vimeo has announced it is adding content ratings to its videos.

From now on, all videos on Vimeo will now have a small badge next to their title, labeled as All Audiences, Mature, or Not Yet Rated. Videos that contain nudity, violence, profanity, or illegal substances will be labeled as Mature.

The new ratings should give viewers a heads up about what to expect from a video, allowing them to make an informed decision about whether they should watch it, Vimeo said. Right now, there's no option to filter out mature content, but Vimeo said it's working on that capability.

Vimeo said it is rolling out the new ratings to ensure the service remains accessible to as many audiences as possible, and is not blocked in places like schools and businesses.

"Though often essential to artistic expression, so-called 'mature content' can be decidedly less essential for certain audiences, such as children, office workers with their computer speakers turned up too loud, and people who'd rather not encounter particular things," Vimeo's Paul Simoneschi wrote in a blog post Wednesday.

When uploading a video, the site will now ask creators if it contains nudity, violence, profanity, or illegal substances. Based on the categories a user selects, or doesn't select, one of the ratings will appear next to the video's title.

Videos containing mature material are still allowed on Vimeo, as long as they comply with the company's guidelines. Those who never upload videos with mature content can mark everything as appropriate for all audiences using Vimeo's global video settings.

Meanwhile, Vimeo's new ratings come as Twitter deals with an influx of hardcore pornography that made its way onto the social network's new video-sharing app Vine. Twitter this week apologised after a pornographic video made its way onto the app's Editor's Picks list, apparently due to a "human error." Twitter also reportedly blocked searches for adult-themed hashtags, such as #porn and #sex, to further eradicate inappropriate material from the app.