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Windows Phone 7.8 rollout begins

Windows Phone 7.8 rollout has commenced as planned today.

Finnish mobile manufacturer Nokia is leading the way, pushing out the incremental OS upgrade to a number of its Lumia handsets.

The Lumia 510, 610, 710, 800, and 900 are all expected to become privy to the update in the immediate future, though Nokia cautioned that availability is still subject to carrier approval.

"The Windows Phone 7.8 update is now rolling out for Nokia Lumia smartphones through February. Delivery of the update is operator dependent, meaning you will receive a notification in the coming weeks if you have an unlocked phone or if your operator has approved the update," Nokia said in a statement.

Once you receive the invitation, upgrading is as simple as whipping out a USB cable, connecting your device to your computer through Zune (or the Windows Phone app on Mac), and then working your way through the on-screen prompts.

A compromise for users of Windows Phone 7 and 7.5 devices peeved at not being able to update to Windows Phone 8, WP 7.8 offers a taste of the newer platform's features, most notably introducing resizable Live Tiles to the homescreen experience. There's also 20 fresh colour themes and new lock screen wallpapers courtesy of Bing, while the Zune app has been rebranded as Xbox Music.

For its part, Nokia has rolled a few of its own improvements into the upgrade, adding Bluetooth Share, Cinemagraph, and Ringtone Maker, as well as refreshing its Contacts Transfer and Contact Share apps. It has also released a video (see below) to help guide its users through the update process.

Should you upgrade to Windows Phone 7.8? The answer to that and many more questions can be found via the above link.