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Mark Zuckerberg dismisses Facebook phone rumours - again

Mark Zuckerberg has again moved to dismiss rumours that Facebook is planning to release its own mobile hardware in the future.

Arguing that designing a smartphone was "not the right strategy" for his company, Zuckerberg issued the repeat rebuttal as Facebook reported a profit drop in Q4 2012.

"More people are starting to understand that mobile is a great opportunity for us," he said in a conference call to discuss the earnings report.

"People keep on asking if we're going to build a phone. And we're not going to build a's not the right strategy for us," he added.

Instead, Zuckerberg claimed the firm was committed to making its platform shine across all devices and operating systems.

"The big thing for us is we've one billion people using our products and we need to make Facebook really good across all of the devices that they use - and we're going to keep on pushing to get kind of more integrated with the system," he offered.

In Q4 2012, Facebook raked in $64 million (£41m), a sizeable sum but a gargantuan drop from the $302 million (£178m) it earned the year before.

However, the company did report increased revenue in mobile advertising, news that will no doubt please investors and onlookers who have pinpointed the area as key to the social network's future.

Facebook said that 23 per cent of its advertising revenue now comes from mobile.