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100GB BD-R XL Blu-ray standard still carries a very hefty premium

At 100GB per blank disc, BD-R XL appears to be an attractive option for those looking for a media that can be used to transfer enormous amounts of data.

But a quick snapshot of the market shows that this format is likely to struggle to make an impact on the market nearly four years after its introduction.

The cheapest disk we’ve found on the market is the TDK 4X BD-R XL (ID: T78836) which costs a whopping £36.48 a unit; that’s 36.5p per GB which quite high. In comparison, a 3TB external hard drive can be had for under £90, that’s less than 0.34p, while a 64GB USB 3.0 drive costs around £25, that’s 39p per GB, which is a tad more expensive than a blank disc on its own.

In addition, you have to factor in the cost of a compatible Blu-ray burner and reader which costs more than £60 (like the Pioneer BDR-207EBK). A flash drive only needs a USB port to read or to write. Most recent computers and television sets now have one or multiple USB ports.

On the other hand, Blu-ray readers and single-layer optical media in general are more affordable than ever. A 25GB Blu-ray disc now costs around 52p, making it by far the cheapest per GB media on the market (in comparison, a DVD costs around 11p) while a Blu-ray reader can be had for under £30.

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