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£30 Alcatel One Touch phone gets £10 Airtime & 12-months free data

Virgin Media is selling the Alcatel One Touch OT668 feature phone on PAYG for £30. The phone comes with £10 airtime and 12-month worth of free data, which is itself worth a whopping £60. So you will essentially pick up a £70 gift (plus the price of the phone) for £30.

The phone itself is unimpressive and will be best used as a stock filler, a car phone or a something you’d give away to your nan. It adopts a clamshell format (i.e.flip phone), comes with a 2-megapixel camera, Bluetooth, a microSD card slot (supporting cards up to 8GB), a 600mAh battery, video recording capabilities, up to 433 hours standby and a talk-time of three hours.

The bundled £10 top up will either allow you to get unlimited data for a month (which turns out to 1GB) and 300 texts or unlimited landline calls and 120 mobile minutes. You will be able to use the SIM on any unlocked smartphones but neither in a broadband dongle nor in a Mi-Fi device. We’re not sure whether you will be allowed to tether as well on this package.

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