Dell kickstarts laptop, PC, printer and server trade in scheme

Dell is offering up to £250 cashback for recycling old IT hardware as part of its “trade to save” programme. You need to buy a qualifying device (laptops, Ultrabooks, tablets, desktops, servers and printers), register your purchase on the dedicated TTS website, return your old device, after which the cashback will be sent. Dell will even pay for the postage.

The trade-in device must be at most five years old, in good working order with a battery life of up to 20 minutes and a power supply. Unlike previous Dell trade-in schemes, this one doesn’t cater for monitors; a quick look at the qualifying products brought up a raft of small business and enterprise devices (Optiplex, Vostro and PowerEdge).

The best deals though are to be had on servers where you can get up to £250 cash back on a £700 server. What’s more you can easily grab a relatively new second hand server from eBay for well under £50, even without hard disk.

Arguably, Dell’s website is not that user friendly when it comes to finding the best deal. We still managed to find a few nuggets which we will seed over the next few days on our deals section.