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Element14 launches £16 Raspberry Pi “lite” model

Element14 has launched a new version of the Raspberry Pi called the Model A. The original Model B, which sold more than 500,000 units since being launched less than one year, has been one of the most sought-after electronic kits of 2012.

The new Raspberry Pi will have half the amount of RAM (256MB), only one USB port and no Ethernet connector. The barebone board will cost $25 plus tax and shipping while model B, which is more versatile, costs £29.95.

Element14 revealed that the board has been produced by Sony in Wales and will be available from today from Farnell element14 (for £19.03) and CPC in the UK.

We can’t help but wonder whether Element 14 is not pre-empting the rise of more affordable, more powerful rivals to the Raspberry Pi that are set to flood the market all the way from the Far East.

There are already plenty of HDMI dongles that offer a great feature list (Cortex SoC, plenty of RAM, Android, a decent enclosure, wide array of wired and wireless connections) for less than £25.

interesting option is the Odroid U microboard which offers the same chip as the Samsung Galaxy S3 in a tiny form factor for around £45.