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HP Launches Pavilion 14 Chromebook

HP didn’t release the WebOS laptop that many expected and instead unveiled its first Chrome OS device, the Pavilion 14 which carries a suggested retail price of $330 (around £200). That Chromebook was leaked last week and is more expensive compared to Samsung’s Chromebook Series 3 and the Acer C7.

Only the Lenovo’s Thinkpad Chromebook, which was released earlier this year and is only on sale to educational institutions, carry a heavier price tag at $429.

Like the latter, HP chose to opt for an all Intel-based solution, one built around the Sandy-bridge based Intel Celeron 847 processor, a dual-core part clocked at 1.1GHz with 2MB cache.

There’s 2GB of RAM, a 14in display (with a 1,366 x 768 resolution), HDMI, three USB ports, a SC Card reader and an Ethernet port. Users will also get 100GB of Google Drive space for two years.

Intriguingly, HP chose to get a 16GB SSD instead of a 320GB hard drive like the Acer C7, a decision which may sway some potential buyers. That laptop is the thickest and the heaviest on the market plus it has a battery life of only 255 minutes.

We haven’t heard from HP with regards to possible launch dates in the UK but given that the Pavilion 14 has gone on sale in the States, one can expect it to be available fairly soon here.

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