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Dell XPS 13 Full HD Ultrabook coming to the UK for £1,079

Another news nugget coming from Dell today. Other than the fact that Dell is going private, the Austin-based company also announced that the XPS 13 with full HD display and the XPS Developer Edition, will come to the UK very soon.

The first one will carry a suggested retail price of £1,079 while the SRP of the Developer Edition has yet to be confirmed. The XPS 13 with a 720p display will still be available for £879. In comparison, both the developer and the vanilla version of the Ultrabook cost $1,399 in the US where they were introduced earlier last month.

The new panel offers a 72 per cent colour gamut compared to the standard panel’s 45 per cent. In addition, it will pack almost twice the number of pixels at more than two million. Other improvements include a much wider viewing angle at 178 degrees vs 80 degrees and a much brighter panel at 350 nits against 200 nits for the standard display.

Dell claims that the XPS 13 manages to cram a 13in display into an 11in footprint. The rest of the specification on part with other mainstream Ultrabooks.

This include Intel Core i5 or Core i7 processors, 4GB to 8GB DDR, 128GB or 256GB SSD and Dell’s one year ProSupport and next business day on-site service. Note that they all come with Windows 8 Pro.

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