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Tweetbot for iOS update brings Chrome, Vine and Flickr support

Tapbots has released a new version of its popular iOS Twitter client Tweetbot with support for Chrome and 1Password, as well as in-line previews for Flickr and Vine.

With Tweetbot version 2.7 for iOS, users can now specify that they want to open links in Google's Chrome web browser, instead of Apple's Safari. Or, those who use 1Password can now set it as their default browser, so that when they click on a link in their tweet stream, it will open in 1Password and, if necessary, automatically log them in.

In addition, the update also brings in-line image previews for Flickr and Twitter's new video app Vine. Users will now be able to view Flickr photos in their stream, instead of having to tap a link to open up the photo inside of Flickr's mobile website. Finally, when someone posts a Vine video, users now see a small thumbnail of the clip, so they can decide if it looks like something worth watching.

Those who wish to set Chrome or 1Password as their default browser can do so by visiting the Tweetbot settings menu. To get there, tap the account icon in the upper left, then select "Accounts & Settings," then "Settings," and you'll see the new "Browser" section.

The update also brings better support for muting tweets with URLs, and usual bug fixes. Tweetbot for iPhone and iPad are priced at £1.99. The update is available now in the iTunes App Store.