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What does £15 per month gets you? A phone plus unlimited texts, minutes and data

Head over to Chitter Chatter, a T-Mobile reseller, to grab the best SIM only offer in the UK at the moment.

For a net cost of £15 per month on a 12 months contract (that’s a total cost of ownership of £180) you get unlimited everything (texts, minutes and data). You don’t get tethering though which is a shame.

You will pay £21 per month and Chitter Chatter will give you back £6 every month on a dedicated debit card which you can thereafter use either for your groceries or just take out money and use it.

What’s more you also get a free Samsung E1200 mobile phone which is slightly underpowered for that plan (a slight understatement).

This SIM only package would be ideal for smartphone users although those looking to tether will have to look elsewhere, either towards Virgin Media or Three, both of which do excellent unlimited data and tethering deals starting from as little as £12.

In addition, Three has already announced that it will be upgrading all its users for free to 4G although it didn’t say when it would switch to the new technology.

Note that you will need to cut the SIM card in order to get it to fit in a micro or nano SIM compartment.

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