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Today's Tech: BlackBerry Z10 review, Sony PlayStation 4 pricing revealed, Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Pro review

We endured quite a wait before BlackBerry finally unleashed its next-generation platform and handsets last week. The flagship BlackBerry 10 phone, the BlackBerry Z10, is being presented as an alternative to the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S3 and other top-of-the-line consumer smartphones. But does it measure up? Riyad Emeran spent some time with the device to find out whether it lives up to BlackBerry's bold claims. While he praised the operating system, which he described as very fast and fluid, the Z10 falls flat in other areas, like battery life and app support. Follow the link for a more in-depth look at the handset and to find out whether it's one you should consider purchasing.

Another product that's tested our monk-like patience is Microsoft's Surface Pro tablet. We reviewed the Windows RT version of the Surface as far back as October, but have had to wait until now to get our mitts on the suped-up Windows 8 iteration, so the obvious question is: was it worth the downtime? The abbreviated answer appears to be yes. Everything in the portable world is a trade-off of sorts, and while tablets with mobile operating systems like Android, iOS, or Windows RT are perfectly adequate if your tasks centre on the Internet, sometimes you need a more powerful machine - something that's compatibile with older x86 programs in a slate tablet form factor. When that's the case, you need Windows 8, and of the rash of hybrid-style convertible devices introduced of late, the Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Pro looks like the one to beat. Click on to read our full review of the eagerly anticipated new product.

With the PS4 looking increasingly likely to break cover at Sony's PlayStation Meeting on 20 February, attention is starting to shift to the console's pricing and availability. According to a respected Osaka-based newspaper, the PlayStation 4 will retail from ¥40,000 when it is released to consumers later in the year. That equates to a fair asking price in terms of the US market, a good deal for our continental European brethren, and an absolute steal for us Brits. But are these early price indications more Rough Guide than gospel? You'll find all the latest PS4 gossip behind the link.

There was yet more news from the security world today. Microsoft and security software firm Symantec announced that they busted a global cybercrime network that was responsible for the Bamital botnet, which reportedly infected up to one million PCs around the world. The two firms worked in tandem to shut down several servers that were being used to control computers and manipulate search results to bring in fraudulent ad clicks. Details about the size and scope of the operation are still being investigated, but initial suspicions point to Russia or the Ukraine as potential locales of origin.