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Today's Tech: HMV boss reportedly dumped, Microsoft gets strict on pre-owned games with Xbox 720

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The job of CEO Trevor Moore is among 60 head office positions thought to have been axed at HMV as the firm's administration proceedings start to bear their teeth, multiple sources are reporting. Deloitte - which took over the retailer's affairs when HMV filed for administration in January - announced the redundancies earlier today but refused to confirm whether Moore was among those being shown the door. Read on to catch up on HMV's administration proceedings and find out what the future might hold for the popular entertainment retailer.

A new patent suggests Amazon may be preparing to introduce a marketplace for secondhand eBooks.The patent in question covers a technology used to power an "electronic marketplace for used digital objects" and would ostensibly allow the online retailer to take its Kindle lending service one step further, letting users sell licenses to digital content to other users. There's no word yet on specifics like pricing detail or the structure of the marketplace, but Amazon's likely to make a big splash when it reveals the details of its plan.

Meanwhile, Microsoft may be planning to go the opposite way with its Xbox 270. Unconfirmed reports have been circulating that the next-generation console will prevent users from playing pre-owned games, effectively stifling a massive informal economy in an effort to increase the profits it receives from title sales. But that won't fly with gamers, said GameStop spokesman Matt Hodges, who told Bloomberg that blocking users from playing used games would jumpstart a global boycott of the Xbox 720. Microsoft has declined to confirm or deny the rumours, so it looks like we'll have to wait until the console's release to find out for sure.