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Top 10 Android apps: what's downloading 8 February

ITProPortal loves a good roundup, and our latest sees us taking stock of all the moving and shaking at the top of the app charts. Set to rotate platforms on a weekly basis, we hope it helps users of all mobile devices discover something new, exciting, and useful every week.

As well as recognising old favourites like Skype, Facebook and WhatsApp, our first look at Google's Android OS sees Temple Run 2 continue to reign supreme in the free category. So whether you're already looking for ways to enhance your productivity next week or just want to numb the bordem of the morning commute, be sure to let us know which apps have grabbed your attention lately and why.

1. SwiftKey 3 (SwiftKey, £2.99)

The undisputed king of Android keyboard apps, SwiftKey's place atop the paid chart is largely down to its accuracy and intelligence as a predictive input aid. The fact that it recently added support for Latin American Spanish - a nod to a cool 570 millon people - will hardly hurt its performance, though.

2. Minecraft – Pocket Edition (Mojang, £4.99)

Just like its iconic PC counterpart, Minecraft – Pocket Edition is all about building virtual realities out of blocks. The latest update, released at the end of January, added food, dynamite, and the hostile, vaguely phallic looking Creeper mobs (below) to the on-the-go fray.

3. TuneIn Radio Pro (TuneIn, £3.14)

As with its free namesake, TuneIn Radio Pro brings the world's most popular radio stations straight to you and your phone, featuring 70,000 live streams and some 2 million podcasts. Why fork out your hard-earned pint money? TuneIn Pro also allows you to record content for offline listening.

4. Grand Theft Auto III (Rockstar Games Inc, £2.99)

It's Grand Theft Auto III. On your phone. Need we say more?

4. Titanium Backup PRO Key ★ root (Titanium Track, £4.49)

One for the true smartphone nerds out there, Titanium Backup PRO is an indispensable aid for those toying with custom ROMs and rooting their devices. Ensuring that your phone's valuable data is protected while you get your tweak on, it boasts full sync support for popular cloud services like Google Drive and Dropbox.


1. Temple Run 2 (Imangi Studios)

The sequel to Imangi Studios' wildly popular endless runner, Temple Run 2 has soared to the top of the app charts since launching in January, and it's easy to see why: the game gets a hugely impressive graphics boost but the winning Temple Run is still largely undisturbed.

2. Facebook (Facebook)

Love it or hate it, there's no denying that Facebook has made an indelible mark on popular culture since launching back in 2004. Its mobile apps continue excel across all platforms.

3. WhatsApp Messenger (WhatsApp Inc)

Many smartphone users would choose this cross-platform smartphone messenger as their desert island app, and its consistently strong performance in the charts is indicative of its quality and usefulness.

4. Skype (Skype)

People like to communicate, and Skype makes the process as pain-free as possible: free voice and video calls, plus instant messaging, for anyone, wherever they are. Sounds pretty good, right?

5. Candy Crush Saga (

Easy, fun, and addictive, Candy Crush Saga is a match-three puzzler that's sure to tap into your sweet tooth.