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Panasonic Viera ZT60 flagship plasma hits Europe

Last month at CES Panasonic showed off its ZT60 plasma TV, announcing that it would be available in both 60in and 65in sizes. Today the Japanese AV giant showed off the ZT60 again, but confirmed that it would only be available as a 60in model in Europe.

Despite the limited size option, the ZT60 is still the flagship TV in Panasonic’s range, and will be carrying a price tag to reflect this. The company indicated that the ZT60 will cost around £4,000 when it hits UK shops in May, and although that’s undeniably expensive, having seen the screen a couple of times now, I think it might be worth it.

What’s interesting is that Panasonic was showing off the ZT60 next to Pioneer’s last generation Kuro TV, which is still considered by many to be the benchmark for black levels and consequently movie watching impact. The ZT60 certainly looked impressive next to both the Kuro and last year’s Panasonic VT50, but as someone who still uses a Kuro on a daily basis, I’m keen to get a ZT60 in my home for some proper evaluation.

The ZT60 uses a completely different panel from every other plasma TV in the Panasonic range, and the Studio Master Panel isn’t a mass produced component. So although the ZT60 won’t be restricted to a set number of units, Panasonic did say that volume will be limited.

Being the flagship set, the ZT60 also benefits from all the other stand-out Viera features such as Twin HD Tuners, Hexa-processing engine and the ability to record to external USB storage.

I’ll be fighting to get my paws on a ZT60 as soon as humanly possible, so check back for the full review.

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