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£90 Toshiba 3TB Stor.E Canvio external hard disk drive

You can now purchase a brand new hard disk drive with a price per Gigabyte of just under 3p, the cheapest ever. Ebuyer sells the Toshiba Stor.E Canvio, a 3TB hard disk drive monster, for a mere £89.99 with free delivery, two year warranty and 90 Nectar points.

The device comes with a USB 3.0 connector and one of the better enclosure designs we’ve seen for an external drive, one with a black and white finish. It is preloaded with NTI’s Backup Now EZ software.

The average price of 3TB hard disk drives only recently fell below £100 and it is due to the softness of the storage market.

A significantly number of devices are now sold with solid state hard drives and traditional sectors like desktop PCs are suffering both from the downturn, the rise of cloud-computing and the emergence of new form factors.

At 3p per GB, the Store.E Canvio is almost as cheap than a blank DVD (average price 12p) and cheaper than an internal hard disk drive with similar capacity. Only a Blu-ray blank disk (which costs around 52p for 25GB or just over 2p per GB) is cheaper but then you will have to buy a writer and have a compatible optical drive at hand.