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TeleSign Mobile launches following acquisition of UK GMNO Routo Telecommunications

Los Angeles-based authentication specialist TeleSign has announced it is branching out into mobile messaging as it looks to expand the reach of its security services by connecting directly to global SMS operators.

The launch of TeleSign Mobile coincides with the firm's acquisition of London-based GMNO Routo Telecommunications - a deal that gives TeleSign control of its own mobile messaging network.

"We made the decision that for us to continue to grow, we needed to broaden our expertise at the messaging level. The company that fit that bill was Routo," said TeleSign CEO Steve Jillings, speaking to ITProPortal.

"Routo has been around for 10 years and has done an excellent job of providing pure messaging services. The new SMS capabilities will be integrated into the TeleSign platform as it exists today, to help TeleSign and its clients perform services better," he continued.

Jillings added that, just as everyday tasks can be streamlined via mobile messaging, authentication processes - like opening a sensitive account online - would also benefit from the kind of enhanced SMS capabilities being furnished through TeleSign Mobile.

"At the enterprise level, the use of SMS is just growing exponentially. It's companies' automating basic processes. Your dentist sending out automated reminders - [it's] a much better experience for the user than receiving a phone call," he noted.

In addition to enhancing its core authentication products, TeleSign said that the launch of a dedicated mobile messaging arm would help the firm develop self-service tools to meet business automation needs.

"The acquisition gives us direct access to data that will continue to enhance our comprehensive security and authentication products," commented TeleSign CTO Charles McColgan.

TeleSign solutions protect some 2.5 billion downstream accounts across more than 200 countries and territories.