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Former Apple exec brings networking infrastructure to the cloud with Pertino

Pertino has announced the limited release of a new service that places traditional wide area networking (WAN) infrastructure into the cloud.

The company's new network cloud engine leverages cloud, virtualisation, and Software Defined Networking (SDN) technologies. With Pertino's service, organisations of any size (the service is targeted more to SMBs) can create a secure, cloud-based network. This network can be used to: provide mobile users with access to company resources; create virtual offices; provide secured file-sharing and remote desktops; and allow a business to spin up a network whenever and wherever they need one, and take it down just as easily.

With Pertino's solution, which utilises the cloud and network virtualisation, a company can build a cloud network without purchasing or deploying hardware or requiring a networking expert on-site.

"For the last decade, wide-area networking has been all about boxes and branches. But a wave of change is washing over business today, and in its wake IT organizations are grappling with cloud, mobility, post-PC devices, and an emerging workforce raised on always-connectivity" said Craig Elliott, co-founder and CEO of Pertino. "We realized that the network outside the office is becoming as pervasive and critical as the one inside, so we developed Pertino—an entirely new way to build a network that's disruptively simple, secure, and available everywhere."

Elliott served as international general manager of Apple's online Internet division and went on to become CEO and president of Packeteer before establishing Pertino. Early in his career, Elliott was bequeathed a Porsche by the late Steve Jobs.

Pertino is now available in limited release after a six-month beta program conducted on the Spiceworks IT community. Currently, Pertino supports Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 systems with Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012. Mac OS X support is due in beta this quarter, while mobile support will be available later this year. New features and device support, as well as gathering customer feedback, are all on the roadmap.

A free Personal plan provides a personal cloud network of up to three members and three devices each. A Professional plan supporting more users and devices is also available at $10 (£6) per month, per member.