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Heads up: Rebtel giving £14 worth of credit for free for St Valentine

VoiP specialist Rebtel, whose CEO, Andreas Bernstrom, happens to blog for ITProPortal, is celebrating St Valentine by offering a 200 per cent bonus on deposits (of £7) to new customers and for one day only (14 February).

It means that when you add £7 to an account, Rebtel ups the credited amount to £21. You will need to use the code Valentines2013 to activate it.

Rebtel tends to be cheaper than Skype and doesn’t charge for a connection fee (unlike Skype). Also, like Microsoft’s VoIP client, you can talk to other Rebtel members for free.

It has a desktop and mobile client and sound quality is excellent. Its mobile VoIP client is smart enough to determine whether to use a Wi-Fi access or dial a local number instead.

The company has also launched a special Valentine app called Re:Beat which allows you to send your heartbeat to someone by just holding your fingertip over the camera lens of your iPhone or Android handset.

You can download this app and Rebtel’s VoIP client from Google Play and Apple’s App Store.