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Samsung courting Silicon Valley partners, says exec

Samsung is counting on the entrepreneurial talents of Silicon Valley to boost its content and media businesses, revealed David Eun, executive vice president of the company's new Open Innovation Center, during an appearance at AllThingsD’s Dive Into Media conference.

Eun also claimed that Samsung is putting up every possible effort to turn its product portfolio into a large and efficient content-distribution platform.

With the Open Innovation Center playing a big part in Samsung’s new roadmap, the company plans to leave no stones unturned in making the best out of Silicon Valley innovations. The goal is simple – to support emerging technologies the company believes could be the next big thing.

“We’re doubling down on software innovation, particularly software that will enhance our products,” said Eun, according to AllThingsD.

“We’re focusing on investing in early-stage companies, and developing partnerships with them that can help us enhance the user experience of our customers,” he added.

During a previous stint at Google, Eun played a key role in expanding the search giant’s ties with media companies from around the world.