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SMEs reluctant to adopt key new business technologies

A recent study indicates that small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are reluctant to adopt new business technologies.

According to the Nimbus Ninety Market Trends Report 2013, a mere 6 per cent of SME respondents said that their company had adopted any big data technologies, with more than 60 per cent saying that they had "no current plans" to implement big data analytics.

Similarly, more than two-thirds (67 per cent) of those surveyed said that public scalable cloud computing did not feature in their firm's roadmap over the next three years. Nearly 50 per cent also admitted they had no plans to adopt interactive visualisation tools in the near future.

"These findings...could suggest that, because of their size, SMEs do not feel they stand to benefit from these new business technologies. They may be of the opinion that their operations are not advanced enough to need emerging business technologies - for instance, because they don't have the quantity of data," the study noted.

"This perhaps infers a lack of appreciation of the far-reaching possibilities in disrupting current processes."

Respondents from larger organisations, however, were much more likely to be implementing the latest business technologies - 30 per cent of respondents from companies with an annual turnover of £2 billion or more said they had implemented big data technologies.

Nimbus Ninety unveiled its Market Trends Report 2013 at Converge (see image, top), an exclusive information sharing event pitched at C-level executives and other senior decision makers.