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Bump adds computer file-sharing feature

Transferring files from your smartphone to your computer, or vice versa, is about to get a little more convenient.

Bump, whose iOS and Android apps enable users to share data by simply tapping their phones together, announced a new version of its web client that lets you transfer files to and from your computer. The updated web client is universally compatible with Bump on iOS and Android, meaning everything you can bump between two phones can now be shared with any computer. This includes photos, videos, contacts, and files.

"No one ever says 'I sure look forward to syncing my phone with my computer!'" the Bump team wrote in a blog post. "We want to change that. Because really, it's the year 2013 - we have self-driving cars, private space exploration, 3D printers - but most folks have a hard time getting a video taken on their phone over to their laptop."

Thanks to the update, you can now easily save all the videos on your phone to your computer's hard drive. If you get a new phone, you can back up all your contacts onto your computer and reload them onto your new device. Or, you can grab a presentation from your desk computer and bump it to a conference room PC.

Even better - you don't have to download any new software or set anything up to use the new feature. Simply head over to on your computer, open the Bump app on your phone, and select the files you'd like to share. Then, press the spacebar key and all the files you selected on your phone will appear on your computer.

Bump first launched its web version last May, and initially only supported photos that were bumped from phones to computers. The company said the feature has been a hit.

"The number of daily users of has grown 50 percent in the last two months alone and now represents a small but significant fraction of overall Bump usage," Bump wrote.