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Ferrari and Logic3 launch R300 headphones

The audio alliance between Ferrari and Logic3 has borne more fruit this week, with the launch of the R300 noise-cancelling headphones.

The R300 bolsters the Scuderia Ferrari Collection of premium-looking cans, and the new model cuts a distinctive look. Two bulky closed-back cups are held by robust metallic arms, with the set coming in either black or white.

Its 40mm drivers include ‘active noise cancelling’ technology which claims to reduce the intrusion of ambient sounds. The R300’s cable is of the anti-tangle variety and is compatible with Apple, Android, BlackBerry and Windows devices.

Featuring the trademark Ferrari logo on each can, the R300 is now available for £269.00 at and at select retailers across the UK, if any of them are still in business.

“There is no disputing the passion and energy that the Ferrari F1 team puts into every race, and it is with that same enthusiasm and attention to detail that we founded the Scuderia Ferrari Collection,” says Ashvin Patel, Logic3 CEO.

“We are delighted to be launching our flagship product in the headphone category of the Scuderia collection and believe that Ferrari fans and music devotees alike will love the design and sound of the R300.”