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Today's Tech: HP Android tablet rumoured, more faults found on Apple's iOS 6.1, new Ferrari Logic3 headphones launched

HP's fortunes have been slipping over the past year, but the company, once the world's number one vendor of PCs, is determined to claw its way back to the top. If the latest rumours prove true, the firm is planning to enter the Android tablet space - after all, the rise of tablets is widely credited for the decline in global PC sales. According to a report from ReadWrite, HP is preparing to launch a Jelly Bean-based device that will be powered by an Nvidia Tegra 4 chip. Whether or not this means we can expect to see an HP smartphone remains to be seen. Read on for more details about the rumoured tablet.

Like a few of Apple’s software launches in recent times (don’t forget the Maps debacle), the arrival of iOS 6.1 is proving more notorious for its failures than its successes. The OS upgrade has already caused a host of handset problems according to various users, who’ve reported faster battery drain, slow performance, and poor 3G signal since downloading the software - Vodafone even advised customers not to upgrade until the bugs were fixed by Apple. Now, it has been discovered that a security flaw in the update is allowing users to bypass the password lock screen and waltz into the device unchecked. Follow the link to find out how.

Among the array of products featured on ITProPortal today, the latest addition to the Scuderia Ferrari headphones collection has been a stand out entry. Featuring the famous Ferrari logo and co-manufactured by Logic 3, the R300 looks every inch the premium audio product, sporting bulky cans sure to appeal to those with a penchant for the Beats-esque design. At £269 they don’t come cheap, so follow the link to see if these headphones are worth your hard-earned.

The Apple iPhone is one of the 21st century's most iconic consumer electronics products, widely lauded for its slick design, intelligent features, and smooth performance. Yet mention battery life and even the most ardent fanboy is likely to make for the taxi rank in a huff. Put simply, the 1,400mAh-odd battery in the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 just isn't ample enough for many consumers. Based on mid to heavy usage, it doesn't stand a chance of seeing out the day unless recharged at regular intervals. Enter add-ons like Mophie's Juice Pack Plus. Part case, part phone charger, it could be indispensable for many who require constant access to email or don't fancy losing Google Maps access in a dodgy part of town. But does it live up to its potential? Follow the link to our Mophie Juice Pack Plus review to see how the hulking gadget fares.