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Top 10 Windows Phone apps: What's downloading 15 February

ITProPortal loves a good roundup, and our latest sees us taking stock of all the moving and shaking at the top of the app charts. Set to rotate platforms on a weekly basis, we hope it helps users of all mobile devices discover something new, exciting, and useful every week.

As well as recognising old favourites like Facebook, WhatsApp, and YouTube, our first look at Microsoft's Windows Phone (WP) platform features a digital drinks bible in the form of Cocktail Flow – perfect for the impending weekend! So whether you're already looking for ways to enhance your productivity next week or just after getting tanked in style tonight, be sure to let us know which apps have grabbed your attention lately and why.

Metrotube (Lazyworm, 79p)

By common consent, Metrotube is the definitive Windows Phone YouTube client and it's easy to see why people love it. With a slick Modern-style interface, straightforward controls, and a full suite of playback options, it's a case study in WP apps done right.

ConnectMe (CRTVAPPS, £7.99)

Windows Phone's growing enterprise user base has an obvious ally in ConnectMe, a remote desktop client that allows you to manage immobile devices over LAN and the Internet. It's at the dearer end of the app spectrum, forsooth, but worth every penny.

Cocktail Flow (Gergely Orosz, £2.49)

If you're anything like us, you enjoy a nice drink or six at the end of the week, and while JD and coke might cut it down the Student Union, those after a more sophisticated tipple will find inspiration aplenty via Cocktail Flow.

Battery Sense (Bonny Vasan, 79p)

Curious about how much juice your phone goes through in a typical day? Wondering how long until your handset is fully charged? Then Battery Sense is the app for you, offering a range of additional insights into your device's energy levels. It's also got a full array of cosmetic customisation options to help it blend in with the Windows Phone UI.

Thumba Photo Editor (Thumba, 79p)

Smartphone users love to tinker with their images, and given the snazzy photographic capabilities of devices like the Nokia Lumia 920, it's only fitting that the Windows Phone platform offers an equally impressive photo editor like Thumba. With no less than 70 high-quality adjustment and effect options, pimping your holiday snaps has never been so easy.


Facebook (Facebook)

Love it or hate it, there's no denying that Facebook has made an indelible mark on popular culture since launching back in 2004. Its mobile apps continue to excel across all platforms, though the Windows Phone iteration has attracted some fairly severe criticism.

WhatsApp (WhatsApp Inc)

Many mobile enthusiasts would choose this cross-platform smartphone messenger as their desert island app, and its consistently strong performance in the charts is indicative of its quality and usefulness.

TVCatchup (GZero)

Bringing the couch potato experience to your smartphone, TVCatchup allows you watch over 50 UK TV channels live, and comes complete with an interactive programme guide as well as personalisation options.

YouTube (Microsoft)

The official YouTube app is far from full-featured, and some have gone so far as to claim that its limitations stand as an example of Google "impeding competition in the marketplace." What does exist may not be a first-class user experience, but it does integrate with the Windows Phone Music & Video hub to provide streamlined content access.

Skype (Microsoft)

People like to communicate, and Skype makes the process as pain-free as possible: free voice and video calls, plus instant messaging, for anyone, wherever they are. Sounds pretty good, right?


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