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LinkedIn launches updated Jobs service

LinkedIn has launched an updated Jobs service with the vision of making it easier for job seekers to look for new opportunities, the company announced earlier this week.

LinkedIn said that the new update will not only make the service easier to use, but also far more relevant to its members than before. The company further stated that updated service is expected to reach its 200 million-strong user base soon.

Besides revamping the service with all sorts of aesthetic updates, LinkedIn is also introducing a number of new features, including the one that enables users to dig deeper into their job search by using more advanced and relevant queries. Users will now be able to search for openings based on country, industry, zip codes as well as function. In addition, the saved searches feature will also be improved to make them quicker to find.

Those with premium accounts have even more to cheer for. LinkedIn announced that there will be a couple of added features, meant exclusively for premium users: one that allows them to find openings that matches their salary requirements, and another that introduces embedded tips for better search results.