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Internet Brands and Wikimedia to drop all Wikivoyage litigation

The Wikimedia Foundation has confirmed that Wikimedia and Internet Brands have agreed to an out-of-court settlement over their Wikivoyage lawsuits.

The announcement came via a blog post, in which Wikimedia said that the two rival companies had reached a settlement in all legal proceedings and that ongoing litigation will be withdrawn.

Wikivoyage is a free, non-ad-supported online travel guide, built in the same vein as Wikipedia. However, a lot of Wikivoyage content was taken from Wikitravel, which was purchased by Internet Brands in 2006. After the acquisition, some volunteers from the formerly non-profit Wikitravel defected, taking content with them to Wikivoyage.

Internet Brands then sued two such volunteers, accusing them of attempting to convince other employees to 'fork', or port code from one open-source project to another one. Wikimedia, which was not named as a defendant in the lawsuit, stepped forward with its own lawsuit against Internet Brands in order to defend the two accused and the practice of 'forking'.

"Today we are pleased to announce a settlement in the legal proceedings between the Wikimedia Foundation and Internet Brands relating to issues stemming from the creation of Wikivoyage, our community's newest free knowledge project," wrote Wikimedia general counsel George Brigham in the blog post.

"We regard this settlement as a victory for the Wikimedia movement, and a vindication of our values and beliefs," Brigham added.