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Mega now accepts Bitcoin, will soon offer secure chat, email, voice and more

Mega, the successor to infamous file-sharing portal Megaupload, now accepts Bitcoin as payment, announced its founder, Kim Dotcom.

Mega is a cloud storage service created by Dotcom after Megaupload was forced to shut down by US lawmakers for its alleged involvement in online piracy.

Dotcom tweeted that he is planning to introduce a number of new features in Mega, including secure email, video, chat and voice as well as mobile services. He accused existing popular services such as Gmail, Skype and iCloud of not being private enough by virtue of being based in the US.

"Fact: Gmail, iCloud, Skype, etc. have to provide (by law) secret & untraceable NSA backdoors to all your data. #GetOutNow," read his tweet.

Bitcoin is a digital P2P currency that enables users to make instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. Since it is not governed by any central authority, no government or bank has any control over it. It is exclusively operated by the Bitcoin network, and therefore can be used for making payments which can not be traced by any government or agency.