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Programmers outraged over 'python' trademark bid

It's been over 20 years since Python, one of the most popular open source programming languages around today, was first introduced. But as fate would have, it is still fighting for its name.

UK-based cloud service provider Our Holdings, which owns the domain, approached the EU seeking a trademark on the word 'python'.

But the Python Software Foundation and users of the programming language are outraged by this move, fearing that, if granted the requested trademark, Our Holdings will be able to sue anyone using the word 'python' in their product advertisement on the basis of trademark infringement.

"We were aware of the possibility for trouble, but 1) most people don't want to pick on an open source organization, and 2) we were aware that we had built up what are called 'common law' trademark rights through the use of the term 'Python,'" Python Software Foundation chairman Van Lindberg said in a blog post, adding that the organisation will continue to oppose Our Holdings' trademark application.

Image Credit: Flickr (osakanyan)