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Nokia Lumia 920 users being haunted by obscure text message bug

A new Windows Phone 8 bug, one that prevents certain text messages from being sent on select few handsets, has been reported.

The bug was first reported by Todd 4 tech, and was later confirmed to be blocking dictated text messages from being sent when manually edited.

As of now, the bug appears to be affecting only Nokia Lumia 920 users although it is highly probable that other Windows Phone 8 powered handsets are affected. The bug, according to reports, acts under a specific condition.

Apparently, the bug adds a second recipient on its own when the user composes a text message using voice control and then edit it manually.

What follows is that the surname of the second recipient is added, but without the phone number. This eventually results in the sender receiving an error message after dispatching the message.

Meanwhile, some users have reported that they may have encountered a similar problem on their Windows Phone 7 powered devices as well. Neither Nokia nor Microsoft have commented or issued any update reports as it appears that the specific conditions that trigger the bug are seldom used by most users.

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