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Confirmed: HTC One will be first smartphone with Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 to launch in UK

The HTC One is likely to be the first smartphone to launch in the UK with Qualcomm’s newest top of the range system-on-chip, the Snapdragon 600. You can check the timeline of the launch, as compiled by our very own Riyad Emeran, a few hours ago.

The chip was launched alongside the Snapdragon 800 at CES in Las Vegas earlier this year and will also feature in the LG Optimus G Pro.

The SoC inside the HTC’s newest flagship smartphone runs at 1.7GHz, has an Adreno 320GPU and will come with 4G LTE capabilities in the UK.

We’re quite surprised to see new chipsets from Qualcomm coming to market so quickly. The Snapdragon 800, which will be Qualcomm’s fastest part when it launches in a number of superphones in mid-2013.

This opens the possibility of having a H2 refresh for the HTC One, in a way similar to the HTC One X/HTC One X+. No details have emerged regarding the SIM Free pricing.

Note that this is a radically different smartphone to the HTC J Butterfly which launched back in October 2012. That model comes with a bigger display and a slower quad-core system-on-chip.

Earlier today, Nvidia paper-launched the Tegra 4i system-on-chip which at least on paper is faster than either the Snapdragon 800 and 600 and has a software-defined baseband modem onboard.

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