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How to get unlimited internet on your smartphone for £10 per month

Virgin Media has an amazing pay as you go package called “Big Data and Texts” which costs as little as £10 per month and is ideal for those who only want to use the internet on the go without any limitations.

UK’s biggest mobile virtual network operator uses Vodafone as service provider and somehow manages to provide unlimited data access for less than its rivals.

Giffgaff for example charges £12 per month for that while you will have to pay £12.90 per month on Three, £21 on T-Mobile and £29 on Lycamobile and Leberamobile

Arguably the big difference is that the five aforementioned plans all come with free minutes and texts. Virgin Media’s offer only gives 300 texts and £10 worth of credit (which amounts to around 37 minutes of talk time) every month.

Giff Gaff offers 250 minutes and unlimited texts, Lebara Mobile, Lyca Mobile and T-Mobile, on its Full Monty, unlimited texts and minutes, Three, 200 minutes and 5000 texts.

None of the above (all of which are PAYG package or plans with 30-day contracts) though allow tethering. Instead you will use to get a 30-day SIM only contract with Virgin Media (from £12 per month) to get unlimited data AND unlimited tethering.

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