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Teardown reveals BlackBerry Z10 more expensive to manufacture than iPhone 5

Have you ever pondered how much it costs a company to make a smartphone? Well, there are some folks who really dig that stuff and tear devices apart to evaluate the hardware inside. Apparently, some of these guys recently figured out that the new BlackBerry Z10 (pictured, top) is more expensive to make than the iPhone 5.

{MPU Placeholde

The folks over at TechInsights handled the hardware teardown, while the component cost-estimates that put the Z10 ahead of the iPhone 5 were provided by CNN Money.

The estimates go through the cost of the processor, display, storage, cameras, communication chips, battery, RAM and other key specifications.

While the production of a single unit of the iPhone 5 costs approximately $139 (£90), the expenses incurred by BlackBerry to produce the Z10 stand at $154, or £99. Part of the discrepancy could be attributed to the fact that the new BlackBerry flagship comes equipped with a 4.3in screen - bigger than the iPhone 5's 4in display. The BlackBerry Z10 also features 2GB of memory where Apple's current-generation handset only offers 1GB of RAM.