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£60 worth of Orange credit on sale for £30

Orange is selling £60 worth of credit via its official account on eBay for a mere £30. Note that this account is maintained by Chitterchatter (which also manages T-Mobile’s official eBay account). The only catchup is that the credit is spread over six months and is part of the Ready Deal offer.

This is also available on Orange’s official website for £60 and comes with a £30 voucher that can be used on a selected range of Orange smartphones (like the Samsung Galaxy S3).

You can choose between five “animals” on offer: Monkey, Dolphin, Canary, Camel and Racoon with each of them having a particular feature. Monkey offers free music, Dolphin, a mix of free texts and free data, Canary, free minutes and free texts, Camel, free international minutes and Racoon, nothing special.

Note that the freebies do not eat into their top up credit. In theory, nothing prevents you from buying a few of these packages and use them one after the other (although you will not be able to keep your phone number and Orange could discontinue the offer at any time).

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