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Homemade Harlem Shake: Make a website dance

With viral phenomenon status and temporary YouTube domination secured, the Harlem Shake is now shimmying across the web in another different guise.

Thanks to, you can make any website you want perform the Harlem Shake in front of your very eyes, complete with the accompanying track from producer Baauer.

Simply paste the URL of the site you want to see dance into the box on hsmaker and enjoy. Here’s the newly-redesigned ITProPortal getting in the spirit.

You’ll be hard pressed to find a group that hasn’t uploaded its own version of the Harlem Shake now, with everyone from universities to Premier League champions manically gyrating out the 30 second routine.

This small rabble claim to be the originators of the February phenomenon, but don’t mention that to these Harlem locals who seem more than a little offended by the misuse of the actual Harlem Shake, a more co-ordinated jig that dates back a number of years.