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Today's Tech: PlayStation 4 launch, Google Glass preview, and US vs China cyber feud escalates

Today brought more news of US government action in the cyber sphere, as Washington publicised plans to increase diplomatic pressure on countries thought to be behind cyber attacks and intellectual property theft against American organisations. Fanning the flames of the nation's ongoing feud with China, White House officials repeatedly singled out the Asian superpower as a likely source of attack during the announcement, something sure to deepen the superpowers' mutual distrust over cyber matters. The US says its new policy will see the States work with like-minded governments to tackle offenders using trade restrictions and criminal prosecutions, in a bid to protect security infrastructure business innovation on home soil.

Several thousand non-developers will be able to get their eager paws on an early pair of Google Glass smart glasses, Google has said. The firm has launched a competition that will let 8,000 members of the public 'win' the chance to pay $1,500 (£985) for a pair by explaining in fewer than 50 words how they plan to use the device. Meanwhile, Google released a YouTube video that offers a sneak peek at the Google Glass interface, as well as some of its features. Follow the link for more details, as well as a look at a patent application for the product.

Elsewhere, South Korean handset manufacturer LG has unveiled a pair of new 4Ghandsets ahead of next week's Mobile World Congress. The mid-range Optimus F5 and higher-end Optimus F7 both support LTE connectivity and will ship with Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. The duo will also feature custom LG UX features like QSlide and Live Zooming. LG is currently keeping mum on release dates and pricing, but we'd expect the pair to arrive early on in Q2.

Have we forgotten something? Oh yeah, that little PlayStation 4 thing. Dry witticisms aside, Sony launched the PS4 at an event in New York City last night, and ITProPortal was up burning the midnight to oil to bring you an in-depth report of the evening's proceedings. Purists will be no doubt disappointed that was no room for a glimpse of the actual console box, but we did get our first look at the new PlayStation controller, as well as a peek at some pretty stunning looking games. But will Sony's new hardware succeed in putting the PlayStation back on top? That's the question Stuart Andrews endeavours to answer in his latest blog - follow the link for more insight.