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Twitter introduces third-party ad management software

Twitter announced on Wednesday that it is on its way to maturing its ad-based business model using Ads API, a new software that will allow third-party ad management.

With this new offering, advertisers will be able to link their existing ad management software to their Twitter accounts, which in turn will enable them to automate advertisements on the social network.

The company further said that the site will soon begin integrating ad software from big names such as Salesforce, Adobe, and Hootsuite.

"With the Ads API, marketers now have more tools in their arsenal to help them deliver the right message, to the right audience, on the desktop and on mobile devices — all at scale," Twitter product manager April Underwood wrote in a blog post.

Twitter earns ad revenues every time a user retweets or clicks a "promoted" message sponsored by an advertiser. The new API could be of great use here as it will help advertisers get rid of the need to manually compose every promoted tweet.

This year, the social network is expected to grow its ad revenues by 90 per cent to nearly $545 million (£358 million), ahead of what many experts believe is a forthcoming IPO.