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Average UK commuter carries around more than £4,000 worth of gadgets

A recent survey conducted by home insurance company Esure has revealed that the average UK commuter carries well over £4,100 worth of gadgets in his or her bag at any given time, likely without proper insurance coverage.

According to the survey, this is an increase from an average of £3,811 per commuter in 2011.

A typical commuter bag now contains as many as six devices, with the most popular gadget being a Blackberry, closely followed by a laptop and an iPhone. Other common choices include the Kindle Fire HD, iPad Mini and Google Nexus 7. Londoners were found guilty of carrying the most expensive items.

Seven percent of survey respondents admitted to having at least one portable device stolen in the past year, while 28 per cent were unsure whether their personal belongings insurance covered gadgets.

Esure urged commuters to be more vigilant and take extra care while carrying around expensive belongings. Unsurprisingly, the company also urged people to sign up for proper insurance coverage.