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Gemalto to bring 4G to Audi's on-board infotainment system

Digital security firm Gemalto has announced it will provide 4G/LTE connectivity to be used in Audi's on-board 'Audi Connect' infotainment system. The service will be available in Audi A3 vehicles, and allow users access to high-speed, low-latency data connections, which will bring an improved navigation system, multimedia streaming and downloads, and Wi-Fi hotspot support for up to eight devices.

Audi Connect will first turn to high-speed LTE networks and then to 3G speeds when 4G isn't available. The system will be based on Gemalto's Cinterion range of automotive-grade M2M technology.

The Cinterion automotive M2M technology was designed to perform in the rugged conditions unique to the automotive industry, and the firm has further customised it to transform consumer LTE technology.

"We've relied on Gemalto's market-leading Cinterion products for its unrivaled expertise and highest quality for more than a decade, helping Audi deliver next-generation services to our discerning drivers and realize the promise of a truly 'connected car,'" said Ricky Hudi, Audi's chief executive engineer of electrics and electronics.

Audi has yet to confirm when this new system will be rolled out in its cars.