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Microsoft Azure beats out Amazon Web Services in cloud service performance test

Microsoft Azure has come out the winner against Amazon's cloud service in a series of stringent tests conducted by Nasuni, a storage vendor that annually benchmarks cloud service providers (CSPs).

The test was conducted on five of the largest CSPs – Azure, Amazon Web Services, HP, Rackspace and Google Cloud. Each provider's efficiency at reading, writing and deleting data was tested by uploading files of various sizes ranging between 1KB to 1GB to each cloud, and then recalling and deleting the randomly generated files.

Microsoft's service was an impressive 56 per cent faster than AWS S3 at writing and 39 per cent faster at reading data from its cloud. The OpenStack-powered clouds from HP and Rackspace were found lacking, particularly at larger scales.

Interestingly, Amazon had come out on top in the same test conducted by the same firm last year.

Nasuni relies on public cloud resources for its enterprise storage offering, so the company conducts a series of rigorous tests on the top CSPs' clouds each year in an effort to identify the companies offering the best performing, most reliable infrastructure. The full results for this year's test is available on the Nasuni website.