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Snapchat updates Android app to include video-capture

Good news, Android Snapchatters. Now you can not only share self-destructing photos, text messages, and drawings with your friends — you can also send and receive videos!

Snapchat on Thursday updated its Android app to include a new video-capture feature already available to iOS users. In a blog post, Snapchat co-founder Daniel Smith said making Snapchat video work on Android was a challenge.

"The Android phones that many of us use were never designed with Snapchat in mind, and that can be tough when developing a hardware-based application," he said. "The video feeds and playback behaviour can differ greatly — often with no guarantees or warnings."

Users may still experience some glitches with the new feature. Those who run into any problems should email the company at

Beyond the new video feature, Snapchat for Android version 2.0 also brings a revamped notification system with more "informative, exciting, and customisable notifications," Smith wrote. The Snapchat team also redesigned portions of the camera to improve frame rates and navigation speed.

"We have a ton of great updates on the way — stay tuned and happy snapping!" Smith added.

Snapchat lets users set a time limit for how long the recipient can view a message, up to 10 seconds, before it's wiped from the app. Snapchat has gained a following over the past year, but hasn't been able to escape the criticism of those who say it's a tool for 'sexting.'

Meanwhile, Facebook recently made a play to capitalise on the success of Snapchat by launching a similar app dubbed Poke, which also lets users send photo, video, or text messages that expire after a few seconds.

Snapchat for Android version 2.0 is available for download in the Google Play app market.