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Today's Tech: Google Chromebook Pixel hands-on, Sony Xperia Z vs HTC One, PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 set for E3 showdown

The checklist may not have been checked, the suitcase may not be packed, and the Spanish phrases may still require some learning, but ITProPortal nevertheless has its sights set on Barcelona for next week's Mobile World Congress , one of the biggest tradeshows on the tech calendar. Before we get stuck into the day's news, be sure to check out our full MWC 2013 preview, as we take a look at what all the attendees will be up to - from the major players to the fledgling startups.

Apparently unsatisfied with challenging Apple on the mobile front, Google has introduced Chromeboox Pixel, a high-end notebook whose £1,049 price tag suggests it to be a MacBook Pro competitor. But is the web-based Chrome OS really worth that kind of money? Mark Hachman got his hands on the Chromebook Pixel to find out. Mark praised the hardware, which includes a 12.85in display with a 2,560 x 1,700 pixel resolution and a dual-core Core i5 processor, but ultimately concluded that it might be wisest to wait and see how the Pixel evolves functionality-wise before taking the plunge. Follow the link for detailed pictures and an in-depth preview of the notebook.

Despite BlackBerry’s long-awaited comeback last month, you could argue the arrival of the Sony Xperia Z and HTC One have been the biggest smartphone launches of 2013 so far. With the Xperia to begin shipping next week and the One following in March, we decided to match up the duo in a spec comparison to see which device has the best chance of succeeding in a highly competitive arena. The large form-factor phones, both exceeding the 4.5in mark, look pretty hard to split at first glance, so follow the link to get under the bonnet of the contest and take your pick.

Google recently released a new video showing what looking through its wearable computer, Google Glass, would be like. Unfortunately, the only exciting thing we’ve seen about the device, now seemingly called Glass, so far are the social activities showcased in the video — sky diving, playing with a boa, flying planes upside-down — and not the ways Glass was used in conjunction with them. Despite huge potential, the reality of Glass at the moment is that it’s something of a glorified camcorder, so is the fuss overdoing it? Follow the link to make up your mind.

All eyes are on Microsoft's next move after rival console manufacturer Sony unveiled the PlayStation 4 earlier this week. The latest reports have the Xbox producer breaking cover with its next-generation system at the beginning of the second quarter, according to a "senior Sony official." It's not all mind games between competitors, however, as industry "publishing and development" sources are also backing Microsoft to officially announce the Xbox 720 in early-April at a special independent launch event. It's a move we think makes sense from the perspective of the Redmond-based firm - follow the link to find out why.