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YouTube announces paid professional translation option for videos

Looking to grow your YouTube following in non-English-speaking countries?

YouTube this week made it a little easier to get your video translated into another language, but you'll have to pay. The video sharing site announced it has teamed up with two vendors, Gengo and, to offer paid, professional translation services for YouTube videos.

The new professional translation option arrives after YouTube last September launched a tool to help users request a translation from a bilingual friend or colleague, or create one themselves using Google's machine translation technology. Now, when you request a translation, the site will also display a list of professional vendors along with their estimated pricing and delivery date for easy comparison.

Getting a professional translation will still involve some work on your end. Before requesting a translation, you'll first need to manually create and add a "caption track" to the video.

The easiest way to do this is to listen to your video and manually type out raw transcript, which typically takes about three times the length of the video. Once your transcript is complete, YouTube will automatically sync your transcript with the video and create time codes to generate the caption track.

From there, you can request a translation in the YouTube Video Manager and compare the rates for translation services. If a professional estimate seems reasonable, simply can click the blue "Start order" button next to the vendor you'd like to use. This will create an order and direct you to the vendor's website to complete the payment.

When the translator completes the job, they will send the translated captions directly back to YouTube. From there, you'll need to approve the captions before they become available for all your viewers.

According to Gengo, there are more than 800 million unique users on YouTube very month. Gengo said it will translate captions into more than 33 languages.

For step-by-step instructions on how to request a translation, check out Gengo's website.