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MWC 2013: A list of keynotes, events and parties (and after-parties)

With only a couple of days left before the 2013 version of Mobile World Congress kicks off in the Catalan city of Barcelona, ITProPortal brings you an exhaustive list of the events, parties and keynotes that will take place over the four days the show lasts, from Sunday to Wednesday. If we missed anything, feel free to get in touch with us. All our MWC 2013 articles will be published on this dedicated hub.


Tomorrow is when the real fun starts. There’s a media reception taking place from 5pm to 7pm with a networking cocktail reception. It will overlap with Showstoppers (6pm to 8pm), Mobile Sunday (6pm to 12am), Pepcom’s Mobile Focus Global (7pm to 10pm), AT&T and Ericsson MWC Communications Hackathon and Innovation on the Fringe (1pm to 5:30pm). Unlike previous years, there won’t be any Sony Mobile events taking place and definitely no Samsung ones. However expect to see some VIP coming on stage at Mozilla’s press conference. Other than Mozilla’s head honcho, CEOs of companies such as Qualcomm, Telenor, Telefonica and Deutsche Telecom, have already confirmed their participation.


MWC opens and you can find the list of all keynotes on Mobile World Congress’ website, these will last until Thursday. Noteworthy events on Monday include a Nokia Keynote early morning, an Alcatel One Touch Pepcom Recovery Breakfast from 9am onwards and an Asus product launch in the afternoon. Later during the day, ZTE will launch the world’s first smartphone based on Mozilla OS. Networking events happening on Monday include Box and Friends’ Mobile Enterprise Celebration, MEF Connects 2013 (from 8:30pm), Mobile Premier Awards (from 3:30pm), MWC Networking Event (5:30pm to 9pm) and IBM Mobile Hackathon (3pm to 7pm).


Nothing much is happening in terms of product launches. It’s worth noting that neither Motorola nor LG have clearly mentioned what they were going to do for MWC. LG only said that there will be an “event available for participation” from 25 February. Networking events for that day include Mobile Marketing Mixer with Mobile Marketing magazine from 8pm to 1am, Techmeetups Drinks and Demo from 6pm to 9pm, Barca Starta from 5pm, Israel Mobile and Media Association developers cocktail from 6:30pm onwards, Inneractive MWC Ultimate Party, Bubble Over Barcelona from 6pm, the GSM Global Mobile Awards from 2:30pm, the Dutch Mobile Networking event from 8pm to 11:30pm, Nokia App Developer party, from 10pm, Party with Pocket Gamer from 8pm and finally Interactive MWC Ultimate party, which starts rom 8pm.


Some (including us) will start packing up to go home on the 27th. Still there will be plenty of action especially when it comes to networking events. Starts with Mobile Mixology from 8pm, Lewis PR @ Camp Nou, TechCrunch Barcelona Mobile Meetup 2013 from 7pm and the annual Swedish Beers from 7pm. Oh and there’s the very popular WIP Jam Party (7pm to 11pm) and Tedx Barcelona, both of which are already sold out.


The last day at MWC is usually the day of MLOVE (AKA the penultimate party at MWC) and will take place this year at Ocana. The after party is one of the best in the city and it is no surprise that tickets for the event have already been sold out. It is also the day where most of the exhibitors and attendees tend to leave the city which explain why MLOVE is the only MWC party in town, literally.

Also worth noting is the fact that Intel will be having a few events spread over the three official MWC days and unlike previous years, there will be no TechJPR event at MWC in 2013.

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