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MWC 2013: Intel introduces dual-core Clover Trail+ mobile processors

Just over a year after the launch of Medfield, Intel's first foray into the mobile processor market, the PC chip giant is introducing Clover Trail+, its latest Atom-based dual-core smartphone processor.

The company claims that its new chips - the Z2580, Z2560 and Z2520 - can deliver up to double the computing speed and three times the graphics horsepower as its predecessor, in addition to improved power-efficiency.

Intel has been struggling to catch up with the three main chip manufacturers dominating the cut-throat mobile market – Apple, Samsung and Qualcomm – since its entry last year.

Though it continues to lead the PC industry, Intel's shipments have been falling amidst the decline of PC sales and the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets.

Clover Trail+ has already been picked up by Lenovo ahead of the chip's launch and will power its forthcoming 5.5in Lenovo K900 smartphone.