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MWC 2013: Nokia executive says Lumia line-up may dive into lower price points

At just over £120, the Nokia Lumia 520 may seem as inexpensive as it can get for the Finnish mobile giant's flagship Windows Phone smartphone line-up. But the company's vice president of smart devices marketing, Hans Henrik Lund, does not quite agree.

Speaking at Nokia's stand at the ongoing Mobile World Congress event, Lund told CNET that £120 is not the lowest price point Nokia can get to. He said even cheaper Lumia devices might be a possibility in the future, but refrained from disclosing anything further regarding which price points the company is planning to target.

"I believe 139 [euros] is not the lowest price point we can get to. We can go lower," Lund said.

However, he emphasised that Nokia has no plans to project itself as a cheap smartphone manufacturer. "We see our future in having a family including devices at all price points" including high-end devices with the ability to replace the likes of Lumia 920, he said.

Meanwhile, the company recently unveiled the Nokia 105, a wildly inexpensive handset that costs just over £13, but lacks many of the sophisticated features of the Windows Phone-powered Lumia line-up.