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MWC 2013: True (and fake) demonstrations rock event and Barcelona (literally)

Monday has been an eventful day for those who live in Barcelona or are attending Mobile World Congress as it reminded many of last year's student protests that closed down major parts of the city.

In the morning, a flash mob comprising around 100 employees of Telefonica-Movistar gathered near the main entrance of Mobile World Congress to protest against "unjustified" layoffs. There was also an impressive security cordon made up of armed policemen who kept the workers, who were all wearing a blue shirt, with a balloon and covering their heads with what looked like a bag.

Then in the afternoon, as many were leaving MWC, hordes of young people who pretended to be disgruntled "hackers" brandished and shouted slogans hostile to security company Kaspersky (equal rights for hackers, down with Kaspersky or Kaspersky go home). Obviously, this was a cleverly organized guerilla marketing but it looked as if the police were slightly nervous given how boisterous the group was.

Last but not least, there was another protest near where the ITProPortal team is staying. Although it was much smaller in size, it managed to shut down an entire main street as some protesters were not only shouting out slogans but also throwing firecrackers around.

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