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Nokia Music+ for Lumia handsets debuts with seven-day free trial

Nokia hopes that a week of free streaming music is enough to entice Nokia Lumia owners to settle down with its enhanced music service.

The phone manufacturer has announced that it is rolling out Nokia Music+ in the US, UK, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, France, and Italy, for a monthly subscription fee of £3.99. But users don't have to commit to anything just yet: the launch comes with a free seven-day trial.

Nokia announced the update late last month, explaining that Music+ will serve as an add-on to the Windows Phone device's existing Mix Radio capabilities. The radio delivers curated playlists to browse and play, allowing users to skip songs and download a limited number of tunes for offline playback.

Lumia owners who pay the monthly fee can unlock those features, earning the ability to download an unlimited number of playlists to their phone, infinitely skip tracks, and select better quality audio while connected to a Wi-Fi network. Nokia Music+ also provides lyrics and listening via Internet-enabled devices like a PC or tablet.

"If you give the trial a go and want to go back to the original free service, Nokia Music will continue to be available free of charge, with no advertisements, registration or subscription," Nokia's Ian Delaney promised in a blog post.

Some people have already given the enhanced service a try, and the results seem mostly positive. Among the top reviews for the app in the Windows Phone marketplace: "Simply fantastic. Credit to the projects [team]!" and "Excellent service, actually discovered some great new artists and songs through this!"

"Brilliant!" one user wrote next to a five-star review. "Hugely underrated – Nokia are back in the game!!!"