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Some lucky web users will now be able to set up their very own accounts for free, thanks to an initiative by the alternative social network to introduce a free tier.

The free accounts will be available only by invite from a current member for now, and will allow users to follow 40 accounts, have access to 500MB of file storage and a file upload maximum of 10MB. The free account tier is being rolled out exclusively by invite in an attempt to limit the huge influx of users that would flood the site following the removal of the price barrier.

The move is expected to help the company add a volume of users to its service. It is currently best known as a messaging system with the Alpha client as its official face right now. However, is a robust platform with dozens of apps built on it that serve as clients offering such tools as such as file transfer utilities, chat rooms and more.

The service currently has about 30,000 paid users, out of which about 10 per cent use the service every day. Most of these users use third-party apps.