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Today's Tech: Double-sided YotaPhone unveiled, Nokia 105 and 301 get hands-on treatment, AVG updates Android security solutions

Much of Tuesday's news once again revolved around the goings-on at Mobile World Congress, and ITProPortal's crack team had another busy yet fun-filled schedule down in Barcelona. While the likes of Samsung, LG, and HP are understandably dominating the headlines, what really grabbed our attention today was the doubled-sided YotaPhone. We won't lie - when we first heard about the device, we had it written off as something of a novelty item that lacked real substance.

But our hands on time with YotaPhone at MWC served up a pleasant surprise. The handset is in fact a well built, extremely innovative smartphone that makes good use of an E-Ink-based rear screen that connects intuitively to the main LCD display on the front, according to Will Dalton, who took the device for a spring.

But the MWC good times weren't finished there. We also got down and dirty with some of Nokia's new entry-level handsets, including going hands on with the Nokia 301 and Nokia 105 - the latter being the one you're more likely to have heard of, as it apparently boasts a month-long battery life. While smartphone enthusiasts might get all sniffy when faced with such a simplistic proposition - it's got a 1.4in, 128 x 128 pixel display since you asked, spechead - the fact is that these devices satisfy the basic needs of huge numbers of users. Follow the link for more - or go to the complete opposite end of the spectrum and check out our hands on with the new LG Optimus G Pro, a cutting-edge large-display handset that really takes the fight to the Galaxy Note 2.

In yet more mobile news, we caught up with AVG to find out more about the antivirus firm's updated Android security solutions, AVG Antivirus Free and Antivirus Pro. Echoing much of what we've heard about the growing threat of mobile-targeted malware, the firm's senior mobile security evangelist Omri Sigelman said the presence of AV solutions on smartphones is now more important than ever, because of the covert nature of modern threats that can exist on a phone for months without the user noticing. Accordingly, AVG's Android offerings focus on protection, performance, anti-theft, and privacy, all of which are essential to keeping users' devices secure. Follow the link to find out more about what AVG is up to in the mobile space.